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GoldMine CRM Key Capabilities 2016




GoldMine® CRM Key Capabilities

The following capabilities are included in GoldMine Premium Edition with the exception of optional third party add-ons that provide additional advance capabilities in some areas.




Works with what you already use:

• Runs on servers you already own for most affordable option
• Works with Office, SQL server, Outlook, Office 365
• Support for Windows 10, 8 and 7
• Access from anywhere with a web browser on smart phones, tablets, PCs and Apple computers
• Own your license and installation or go with a monthly subscription
• Shared, concurrent users make it easy and affordable for everyone to use
• Windows client provides all functionality for your company and Web Client provides a modern, simple CRM interface

One central place for your important business contacts:

• Once central database you can customize to store all information about prospects, customers, and third parties
• Eliminate duplicate entries
• Add custom fields
• Use predefined industry templates with fields commonly used by Finance, Insurance, Mortgage, Legal, and Real Estate
• Use security features to manage more sensitive information
• Click on any field label to do an auto sort for that field
• Search center lets you build queries on the fly and then save results

Contact Management:

• Schedule calls, appointments, to-dos and tasks for yourself and others linked to the contact
• Complete activities and add notes and reporting codes for tracking
• View pending activities that can be filtered by date or activity – in list form or linked to a contact
• Add notes to any account
• Link all inbound and outbound emails using GoldMine email client or Outlook
• Document Center for public and individual templates to merge with one or more contacts in email or Word – great for standard business correspondence.
• Create and link documents – store locally or in your cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox
• Contact information and activities are accessible anywhere with an internet connection
• Search database with keywords
• View Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn pages for contacts
• Auto link to Google maps, company, and search for the latest info on a contact
• Link contacts from same company together in relationship tree
• Click to dial capability with GoldMine’s built in Softphone (SIP compliant)

For Sales & Marketing:

• Use filtering to prepare segmented lists – create fixed groups for later usage
• Send lists to Constant Contact for emailing
• Download campaign info by campaign and individual recipients
• Import leads from your website
• Assign to sales rep by territory using Automated Processes
• Create simple sales forecasts
• Use Opportunities to manage more complex sales
• Use Campaign Manager to import leads files and assign follow ups
• Literature fulfillment center
• Build in telescripts to help train your team – store answers for future reference

For Customer Service:

• Automate your customer service team with Case Management to track post sale interactions
• Create new cases from email or call in
• Link to contact so there is a record of all interactions that can be seen by sales and support teams
• Assign follow up tasks
• Use dashboard to get reports on cases
• Use included Knowledge Base to find answers to common questions

For Managers:

• See your teams scheduled and completed activities in list or dashboard form
• Track quotas and progress by rep and team
• Use over 200 included reports for common information
• Use industry standard tools like SQL reporting services or popular add-ons like MasterMine for custom reports
• Create integrated quotes with industry leading add-on QuoteWerks

Advanced features for your company:

• Set security read/write/audit by field and for user groups
• Automated processes for work flow to schedule activities such as calls or emails automatically based on passage of time or a change in a data field
• Project management
• Audit trails of user changes including logging of key field changes
• Integrate to other applications using GM+ View to view customer information from websites and local database applications such as ERP
• Import and export tools to share and update information
• Use add-on integrations for QuickBooks and Addon software ERP
• Advanced field level synchronization to provide offline access and consolidation from remote locations

From the publisher:

• Annual technical support and software updates by telephone, email, and self-service portal
• List of available product add-ons for quoting, reporting, email marketing, finance and more
• Over 250 free training videos and pdf manual at http://www.goldmine.com/training/
• GoldMine Community to interact with other users and experts at https://community.goldmine.com/
• Fee based training options at https://heatsoftware.v-learningportal.com/Commerce/StoreFront