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Let’s look in detail at these new powerful features of “Automata”.


Central to Automata is Pipeliner Navigator which brings a level of real-time intelligence and proactive guidance never before seen in a CRM. Designed to deliver instant focus and clarity, Navigator is the answer to the increasingly complex world in which sales professionals operate.

Navigator draws upon all the different and complex data sources in the system to deliver proactive insights, advice and guidance to the sales professional in one visual, easily understood screen. This provides the kind of instant, actionable intelligence that separates Pipeliner CRM from other CRM systems that are in essence, passive repositories of information.

Navigator consists of 5 major components, all visible on the same page:

1. Activity Stream—Navigator organizes you!

On the right-hand side of the Navigator you will see the Activity Stream. It is a list of activities, tasks, and opportunities in date order, beginning with the closest to the present. You can click on any of them to drill down and get the full information on what needs to get done—the task that needs to be performed, the meeting or the call that needs to be made, or the opportunity that needs to be moved to the next stage.  Often salespeople have reminders in different places—here they are all in one convenient, visual location.

2. Target Overview—Navigator focuses you!

Our Dynamic Target feature is combined with a Target Trend graph that allows the user to see progress, over a specified time period, through three different metrics, toward a sales goal. Now the user always knows where they are in relation to their target and what they need in order to meet or exceed it.

3. Notifications—Navigator reminds you!

In the Notifications section you will see 3 different boxes: “Tasks” which will show you the number of overdue tasks; “Missed Close Date” which shows you the number of opportunities with missed close dates, “Velocity Issues” which will tell you how many opportunities are late getting moved from one stage to another, and “Largest Open Opportunity.” You can click into any of these to drill down to specifics.

4. Suggestions—Navigator advises you!

Under suggestions you will see other areas in which actions should possibly be taken. These include Cold Accounts, Inactive Accounts, Inactive Leads, Stuck Opportunities, New Leads and more.  Suggestions is always looking to advise and guide you to take action that can help improve your performance.  It even suggests additional integrations that you can activate such as external storage solutions like Box or Dropbox.

5. Business Overview—Navigator steers you!

The Business Overview section graphically displays Open Opportunities, Open Sum, Won Sum, and Lost Sum—for the user-defined date range for which Navigator is currently set.  So now the user can review where their business stands; Look in the rearview mirror to see what has already happened and look forward to assess where it is going allowing them to make the necessary adjustments
for the road ahead.

One other factor that puts Navigator light years ahead of the competition is that fact that you can apply all of Pipeline’s profile and filter features to it—and see Navigator from the standpoint of a single user, a sales unit, the entire sales team, and through numerous other lenses such as revenue level and closing possibility.

Forecast Reports

If there is a single element that a company really needs to be accurate from a CRM application, it is a sales forecast. Pipeliner’s new Forecast Report delivers this. Forecasts, as you know, are dynamic so now you have a tool that can immediately show you any changes to a forecast and provide you with an instant history of those changes – staying on top of your forecast has never been this easy!  Setting up a Forecast Report is very straightforward!  Just name it and select how you want to forecast. Select the item by which you want to forecast, such as Opportunity Value, the period of time (Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly) and whether you want this to be, for example, a team forecast. Changing the Properties of the Forecast is also simple. You can decide, for example, what countries you want forecasts from or what sales unit—the choice is yours.

And now you have a Forecast Report that you can use to track the ebbs and flows of revenue predictions and adjust your business accordingly.  Once forecasts are set, the report is constantly updated (whenever it is run) to show progress, for example, of team members against their individual forecasts. You can easily see what changes have been made to a forecast.  But there is more! You can immediately drill into a forecast and see what changes have been made to, for example, an individual’s forecast!  You have all the information you need at your fingertips to manage your forecasts more effectively.

You can share these dynamic Forecast Reports with specific team members, across the whole sales unit, or with Executive Management depending on your preferences.  With Forecast Reports you now have another mission-critical tool with which to manage your business.


Coming in April is our completely redesigned and re-engineered Mobile application. Available for both IOS and Android, our new Mobile delivers all the functionality, ease of use and visual presentation you would expect from a mobile version of Pipeliner.  Here are some highlights:

  1. Contact Management literally at your finger-tips

    Call, Message or Email contacts right from the mobile app!

  2. Manage your Opportunities with ease.

    See what stage an Opportunity is at, look at the Details and Activities. Move the Opportunity if you are ready. See what Accounts and Contacts are associated with the opportunity.

  3. Account Management on the go!

    Review accounts right from your mobile device – see the history of business conducted with them. Access Leads and Opportunities associated with the Account. Everything you need, neatly laid out for you.

Dynamic Dropdowns

With Pipeliner’s Dynamic Dropdowns feature, you can now create nested dropdown menus.
For example, a user will click on a specific sales territory, and a dropdown menu of reps will only show reps for that territory.

Opportunity Grouping

Opportunity Grouping, in the Pipeline View creatively leverages icons to instantly identify Opportunities according to different attributes. For example, Opportunity owners are represented by their headshots, subjective rankings are represented by different colored stars, and companies are represented by their logos. These, along with a range of other attributes, now make it even easier to immediately look at the Pipeline from different perspectives and gain instant, actionable intelligence on pipeline performance and to know where to focus actions next.

Multiple Pipelines

Now you can assign users to Pipelines, and easily manage which user belongs to which sales unit. In fact you can visually see who is in each unit!

User Rights Management

User Rights Management just became easier and more powerful with the ability to assign feature-level rights!

Reports and Dashboards Unification

We’ve unified the user experience between Reports and Dashboards. Now they have the same folder, and drag and drop functionality!

Feed Enhancement

Customizing your Feed just became very easy, from right inside the compact view! Now you can set-up notifications for Feeds so that when someone sends you an In-app message in Pipeliner, you can be immediately notified!

Performance Insights Enhancement

Performance Insights just became even more efficient with the ability to drill-down into the information!

Reports Enhancement

Now Reports can be resized and paginated making them even more flexible than ever!
In addition to the upgrades and enhancements highlighted above, there are many more including enhancements to Global SearchSynchronization optimization, Task Quick View, plus the Help button has been moved to the top of the screen for ease of access.