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Pipeliner CRM Always Working For You

Hybrid-cloud model technology allows you to access your data, online or offline, with Enterprise-class uptime. You can expect fast and secure communications between your Pipeliner application and the Cloud. Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) – a leading provider of Cloud services –gives you the freedom to use CRM wherever and whenever you need it – your buyers and competitors won’t wait until you are online so why should your CRM?

What can Pipeliner do for you?

We Visualize Everything

Pipeliner uses a visual and intuitive interface to keep the focus on productivity and effectiveness – providing one-click reports, comprehensive charts, drag-and-drop Sales Pipeline and now even as a 3D Timeline which gives you yet another view of your opportunities.

Onboarding & Implementation

With Pipeliner’s visual and intuitive interface, our customers can configure their system, import their data, and train their people in a matter of days. Many companies have found that they were able to onboard Pipeliner CRM without any assistance.

Unique Selling System

You can easily configure your Sales Process, define your Sales Stages, and create targeted Actions and Activities within the application – no programming, no full-time admin needed. Activities are suggested when opportunities move from one stage to the next.

Unique Features

Pipeliner includes many unique featuressuch as the visual Task Board and instant one-click reports that you won’t find anywhere else. We include other features such as Org Charts and Visual Buying Center that you would have to pay extra for or purchase from third-parties.

Sale Performance Management

It’s easy to compare the performance of your salespeople, just select the KPIs that you are interested in and then turn on the graph view for the individuals you want to compare and immediately see their performance over the period of time you selected!

Reports - No Admin Needed!

To use Pipeliner reports there are no admins, no coding skills and no support needed. Pipeliner CRM Reporting gives you tools to have a new report available in whatever view or Filter you happen to be on. You can immediately generate an on-demand Management Report, save it, and recreate it at any time.

Benefits of Pipeliner CRM – The World’s Most Visual CRM

Using Pipeliner can help you focus on the actual purpose of a sales CRM: selling.  Customize and define your Sales Process, visualize it and track all KPIs easily and in real time. See what makes Pipeliner CRM unique among other CRMs.

  • Motivate your sales team with fresh, visual interfaces and less time spent entering data
  • Fast Implementation – Save money on costs hidden in long CRM training and onboarding
  • Define as many sales processes as needed for sales, post-sales nurturing and more

Pipeliner System Requirements

Operating Systems:
  • Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7, Win Vista
  • RAM 1GB  or higher
  • 2.33 GHz or faster x86-compatible processor or Intel Atom™, 1.6 GHz or faster processor for Netbook class devices


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