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Use out-of-the-box processes for lead management

Bpm’online marketing provides best practice processes for efficient lead management – from demand generation to lead nurturing, to final hand-off to sales. Make sure your sales team focuses only on qualified and sales-ready leads.

Product Overview

Bpm’online marketing is a robust marketing automation software that helps to gain demand generation excellence through identifying customers’ needs and nurturing their interests until they are successfully transformed into opportunities.


360 degree customer view
  • Socio-demographic data: Store various information about your customer that include industry,company size, geography, noteworthy events, contacts’ career history, and many more in bpm’online marketing.
  • History of customer’s events: Use bpm’online marketing to track customers’ preferences and their buying behavior: website browsing, history of quotes and orders, etc.
  • Understanding customer needs and preferences: The system allows tracking changes in customer preferences, as well as creating new ones.
  • Profile completeness: Bpm’online enables you to add weights to each parameter in a customer profile and conveniently visualize the data.
  • Data cleansing and merge duplicates: The system provides all the necessary tools for data cleansing and duplicate merging.
  • Customer database analytics: Using analytics tools, you can also evaluate the overall coverage of existing and potential customers within the database.
  • Segment builder: For a truly personalized approach, build custom target segments based on the data stored in the system, such as the history of orders and requests, responses, interests and needs.
  • Work with targeted segments of the audience: Add target audiences to bulk emails or events with the click of a mouse. Use quick filters to divide the audience by interest, role or other criteria and create dynamic folders for audience segments.
Website behavior tracking
  • Website event tracking: From the first visit to a site, the visitor’s web browser gathers information about pages visited, website paths and time spent on the site.
  • Tracking lead sources: Track lead sources to evaluate the effectiveness of lead generation channels used in your marketing campaigns and focus your efforts on the best performing channels.
Lead management
  • A unified interface for lead management: The system not only helps to track visitor behavior on your website, but also enables you to identify lead generation channels and sources.
  • Lead Qualification: Connect leads to relevant accounts and enrich lead data with insightful intelligence that can be leveraged during sales follow up.
  • Hand-off to sales: Make sure you know all the detail before transferring the lead into an opportunity or an order. Record the history of communications in accordance with the sales process.
  • Analytics on leads: The end-to-end lead pipeline will help you assess conversion throughout the entire lead management process, from lead generation to hand-off to sales.
Trigger campaigns
  • Intuitive campaign designer: Plan campaigns using the simple visual campaign designer and define conditions for transitioning between campaign stages.
  • Lead nurturing campaigns: Stimulate your prospects’ interest in your products or services through automated lead nurturing campaigns.
  • Trigger emails: Set up trigger emails based on lead behavior on a website or other events, for example, a birthday, registration on a website, product comparison, abandoned shopping carts.
  • Analytics: Evaluate your marketing efficiency and optimize marketing campaigns using bpm’online’s marketing analytical tools.
Personalized email marketing
  • Bulk emails in just a few clicks: Segment the audience and schedule bulk emails with a few clicks of a mouse.
  • Visual content designer: Create eye-catching email templates for your bulk email campaigns using the built-in content designer.
  • Personailzation: Personalize your communications with customers to increase sales.
  • Email split testing: Test several versions of emails with your target audience to determine which of them brings you more conversions.
  • Click stats: Use the click heat map to identify the most popular links in bulk emails and better understand your audience’s interests and needs.
  • UTM codes tracking: Use UTM codes to analyze conversions and track the entire journey of those customers who come on your website from bulk emails.
  • Communication management: You can set limitations on the number of messages per day, week or month, and give customers the opportunity to manage their subscriptions – a set of topics they are interested in.
  • Bulk email analytics: Manage the efficiency of your email campaigns with the help of marketing’s pre-configured dashboards and reports.
Event management
  • Events: The system allows to track dates and locations, segment target audience based on required criteria, plan budget and assign team, as well as track responses connected to event.
  • Analytics on events: Analyze your event-related activities with the help of easy-to-use pre-configured dashboards. Monitor campaign efficiencies and get a bigger picture through segmenting the audience by response.
Business process management
  • Visual process designer: Automate key business processes using a powerful yet simple to use visual process designer.
  • Process library: Employ out-of-the-box best-practice processes, modify them or create new ones to fit the unique needs of your business.
  • Process monitoring and analytics: Visualize process data using custom dashboards, identify and eliminate bottlenecks in your processes with the help of an easy-to-use process log.
Productivity tools
  • Tasks and calendar: Synchronize your tasks and calendar with Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange. Get notifications and reminders in a notification panel.
  • Email: Manage email from all your email boxes in a single unified environment – bpm’online marketing.
  • Calls: Make and receive calls directly in the system. Access complete call history in the communication panel, and set up quick dials to call your favorite contacts.
  • Enterprise Social Network: You can get updates and notifications on the latest deals, projects or even contacts from various channels with an ability to comment and “like” different posts in the newsfeed.
System designer
  • UI customization: Take advantage of the extended capabilities for user interface customization.
  • User customization: Easily rearrange, add and remove lookups, data fields or entire pages.
  • Agile system localization: Not only can you localize the system terminology, but also lookup values, analytical data and every step of your business-processes.
  • User roles and access rights: Grant or deny access to individual records or groups of records, as well as specify which sections are available to certain user roles.
  • Activity log: The activity log keeps a record of all operations with critical data and allows quick retrieval of this information.