Sales Force Automation

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An integral part of any CRM solution is Sales Force Automation (SFA). Successful sales force automation is company-wide, integration across all functional departments allows a 360⁰ internal view of all associated activities.

Improperly planned sales force automation will result in a lack of communication which will result in poor Customer Relationship Management over communicating with customers.

Identifying the best customers in place

Identifying top profiting customers

Managing and maintaining existing customers

Process Automation

Pipeline Management

Eliminate redundant tasks with the tools, process, and objectives in place

Results Driven Automation


Follow up calls/tasks



Maintaining and updating Account and Contact Records

Automated Sales and Call reports generated

Mobile Sales force automation


Lead Scoring (Not Marketing Score)

Profile and Identifying target accounts

Identifying a target market

Understanding the economic structure of an industry

Identifying common objectives and fit

Opportunity management

Eliminate redundant tasks with the tools, process, and objectives in place

Opportunity score / Actual Probability (Not Task Based)

Manage multiple opportunities with a customer

Manage Funnel progression

Quote and Proposal Automation – Eliminate errors

Task Management

Maintain and Close More opportunities efficient

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