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E6 Solutions best practice is not just technology, but rather a holistic approach to an organization’s philosophy in dealing with its customers and how your business operates. This includes policies and processes, front-of-house customer service, employee training, sales, marketing, systems, and information management. It isn’t about the Software, but the solution and how it meets your organizational requirements.

Customer Relationship Management

Sales Force Automation

Marketing Automation

Business Process Management

Where Are You In Your Journey

“Success is not
a destination,
but a journey.”


You are new to –or reevaluating– tools for CRM (customer relationship management), SFA (sales force automation), MAP (marketing automation platform), or BPA (business process automation).


You are tasked with finding a technology that will assist your team and company become more efficient and productive.


You have selected a technology, and now you are moving forward to impact your company.


Your team is using the software and the database is growing.


You can see results and begin to measure your return on investment.


You are comparing reports to your KPI (key performance indicator) goals.


You are reevaluating your KPI’s and uncovering new ways to leverage your technology.


You are now changing as a team and company. Efficiencies are identified. Next steps are becoming clear. Exponential growth is in sight.

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