All-in-One Marketing Automation

Start generating and closing more leads faster,
knowing you can integrate the marketing data into all your other systems.


Leverage Sophisticated Email Marketing Programs

Automate email marketing, respond to form submissions, and schedule drip campaigns
Build dynamic lists so contacts are automatically routed to the right marketing list
Use segments and dynamic email content to reach diverse leads with one email send
Run A/B tests for email
Track and compare email performance using campaign optimization tools
Design custom reports and dashboards
See how your contacts are engaging with your emails and landing pages on the contact record

Use Chatbot Hosting

Customize ready-to-launch tools for your web site
Design custom automations to serve content as requested
Enable live chat with routing rules
See chat activity on the contact record

Schedule, Measure and Manage Blogs and Social Media Campaigns

Schedule posts in Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn all at once
Track social post performance from the Media Center
Build a blog with RSS integration, or create tracking codes for an existing blog
Track competition and partners with Social Listening tools
See site visits driven by social and blog posts on the contact record

Identify and Track Web Site Visitors

Use “VisitorID” to identify and track ‘anonymous’ visitors by IP address
Have site visits by your contacts recorded on their record, with page views
Set up buyer personas, serving your contacts dynamic content based on their interests
Track the behavior of each contact in the “life of the lead” feature
Design dynamic forms that recognize what you already know, or need to know, about a contact

Empower Your Sales Force

Set up custom lead scoring to help salespeople see how to allocate their efforts
Launch calls inside SharpSpring with recording and auto-transcription
Request meetings with integrated scheduling
Notify salespeople based on your sales automation requirements and/or their interests
Use sales analytics to see measure and compare sales performance
Employ the sales optimizer to figure out what series or combination of actions are closing sales
Manage opportunities and sales pipelines

Other Features

Email syncing to external platforms
Use SharpSpring built-in CRM tools or integrate with your existing platform
Cross-platform ad retargeting
Shopping carts
eCommerce performance tracking

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