Learn a new way to accelerate business processes. Creatio has convened a Chicago May 26-27 conference to discuss their new No-code Platform. We’ll be at the Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel. This event is free, but seats are limited.  Please register today. 

No-code is a high value, cutting-edge solution which supports “citizen developers.” In other words, the non-technical people who actually operate your business could create their own applications. With minimal support from IT, they can also share their data and automate their processes.  The no-code platform provides a drag-and-drop interface that guides them. 

Join E6 Solutions and connect with hundreds of international IT leaders. Learn how you can accelerate business processes with

  • Digital transformation
  • Workflow automation
  • Citizen development
  • No-code tools
Accelerate business processes with new no-code platform. Learn more May 26-27 at Creatio conference in Chicago and online

Speakers include

  • Sam Sibley of the Project Management Institute. He’s their Global Head of Citizen Development. He’ll share how to enable a hyper agile way of working.
  • Jeffrey Turner of Vetoquinol. As Manager of Business Intelligence and IT, he manages a world class team which knows how to accelerate business processes.
  • Katherine Kostereva, CEO and founder of Creatio. Her company offers you a platform to automate industry workflows and CRM with no coding.

Over 100 session including workshops and forums including

  • Tips on workflow automation
  • Streamlining workflows for all business units with no-code
  • Best practices and methodologies for no-code
  • Business Process Management trends and opportunities
  • Real-world success stories on how companies accelerate business processes

This event is FREE, but seats are limited. Please register today.