If you’re a small business owner with an e-commerce business and at least 2,500 contacts, you ought to look over this new artificial intelligence for email marketing plan from Constant Contact. The Ecommerce Pro Plan is designed to improve your email marketing campaigns automatically, over time. Artificial intelligence is no longer just for big companies!

The marketing chores you can offload include

  • Selecting the best performing subject lines
  • Figuring out which content and/or products to include in each contact’s email
  • Best delivery times for each contact.

Want to learn more about artificial intelligence trends?

We recommend you visit the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute. Here’s an excerpt from their site:

Artificial intelligence makes email marketing better in two big ways:

Increase revenue. AI-powered tools for email marketing are able to help you send better emails, which increases open and click rates, helping you make more money from email and produce better results from time spent on email marketing campaigns.

Decrease costs. AI-powered tools for email also make it easier, better, and faster to create winning campaigns, dramatically reducing the amount of time it takes your team to produce collateral for email marketing initiatives.

That’s because AI excels at extracting actionable insights and patterns from large sets of data…

Marketing AI Institute: Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing, 2021-April-21 by Mike Kaput