Marketing Automation has three major benefits.

1. Automated processesMarketing activities are set up to run automatically

Features include

  • Drip email campaigns
  • Scheduled social posts
  • Auto responders, including chat bots
  • Offers triggered by events
  • Integration of more marketing tools
  • Leads nurtured automatically.

2. Prospect information is better captured and tracked

Features include

  • Forms that collect more info from website visitors
  • Prospect tracking to build behavioral profiles
  • Leads scored automatically
  • CRM fields populated
  • Salespeople receiving alerts with better info about prospects
  • Dynamic marketing segments created.

3. Campaign performance is measured and enhanced

Features include

  • Effective marketing actions magnified
  • Valuable prospect behaviors identified
  • Websites improved with better feedback on usage
  • Salespeople receive better information about prospects
  • Best prospects surface more quickly
  • Opportunity pipeline management improves automatically.

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