Marketing Automation has three major benefits.

The benefits of marketing automation are generally recognized but not clearly understood. At E6 Solutions, we are grouping all the amazing features into three major benefits to your business.

1. Marketing activities are set up to run automatically

Features include

  • Drip email campaigns
  • Scheduled social posts
  • Auto responders, including chat bots
  • Offers triggered by events
  • Integration of more marketing tools
  • Leads nurtured automatically.

2. Prospect information is better captured and tracked

Features include

  • Forms that collect more info from website visitors
  • Prospect tracking to build behavioral profiles
  • Leads scored automatically
  • CRM fields populated
  • Salespeople receiving alerts with better info about prospects
  • Dynamic marketing segments created.

3. Campaign performance is measured and enhanced

Features include

  • Effective marketing actions magnified
  • Valuable prospect behaviors identified
  • Websites improved with better feedback on usage
  • Salespeople receive better information about prospects
  • Best prospects surface more quickly
  • Opportunity pipeline management improves automatically.

At E6 Solutions, we use and recommend SharpSpring as your marketing automation platform. Follow their blog on marketing automation.

benefits of marketing automation [image of factory automation]