Brian Armstrong crypto

Brian Armstrong, crypto tycoon, saw the misery of hyperinflation while living in Argentina. He also saw how hard it can be to send money to some countries. In 2012 he co-founded Coinbase Global. Its mission is to build a “cryptoeconomy.” In that world, anyone anywhere can access cryptocurrency to improve their economic life. The company has grown exponentially. Now there are more than 73 million users in over 100 countries.

Succeeding in a Fast-Changing Environment

Efforts to increase economic freedom had a side-effect: an old-fashioned gold rush. So now the “cryptoeconomy” is attracting more attention from regulators. Brian Armstrong, crypto pioneer, is working to influence policymakers in Washington, DC, and beyond. Since Coinbase attracts so many new users, complaints about its application are rising. It’s clear that many arrive with no understanding of how cryptocurrency works. The staff at Coinbase has to sort them out, and try to educate them. Brian Armstrong wants to extend the platform so people can benefit in more ways. By integrating the ability to save, spend, invest and earn using cryptocurrency, Coinbase gives users a 360-degree view.

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Brian Armstrong, Crypto Entrepreneur, as a Model

At Coinbase, future success means building a further integrated platform. Learn more about Brian Armstrong with this 90-minute podcast interview. Learn more about the company, with this free report from CB Insights. Here’s an excerpt:

Coinbase’s over $100B valuation at its trading debut nodded to the Bitcoin mania. At the same time, Coinbase is hedging its core business against increased competition, execution risk, and an uncertain cryptoasset market by adding more cryptoassets and exploring possible use cases for blockchain technology….

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