One of the most important ways that business process management accelerates growth is by providing accountability to employees so they can focus on creating a great customer experience. When your processes are clear and present in every sales order, report, and web site form, then your sales force can focus on the human touch. At E6 Solutions, we will help you create the consistency needed in your organization by identifying and automating the processes which lead to reliable patterns of success. See how.

Forbes: How Naming Jane Fraser CEO Advances Citibank’s Client Focus, 2020-Sep-10 by George Bradt

If your organization is service-focused, like Citibank, you win on the dimension of customer experience. The CEO has to be the Chief Experience Officer, guiding decentralized service providers.

The key words here are guided accountability. Each customer and client is different. Each has a different experience. They judge organizations by the person providing them their service. So, the service providers need flexibility. But it needs to be guided to align with the organization’s mission, vision and points of differentiation.