At Stage 7 of your journey, you encounter the business challenges of growth. Meeting this challenge requires reviewing your key performance indicators every week. The process should be short and informative, or you need to find better KPIs.

In addition to challenging your team’s performance, you should also be challenging the performance of your technology. Is it helping you more and more? Are there better ways to use or configure it?

Business challenges of growth are escalating [image]

Once you and your company figured out how to collect good customers, then you were challenged to build processes for serving those customers reliably and economically. Your initial processes may have been manual, and they were likely disconnected. Eventually, you’ll have to automate and integrate your business processes so you can grow profitably. Using a system of business process management, your everyday operations run more efficiently, and you have more room to grow.

At E6 Solutions, we recently helped a client transform a fleet of spreadsheets into a reliable set of automated workflows. Their resource management, customer service, and invoicing became integrated. Now they are on a path to grow exponentially.

How to leverage technology for the business challenges of growth

  • Automate the processes within your organization which currently rely on shared spreadsheets and email collection of data
  • Use applications which allow you have a unified database of contacts, customers, and company records
  • Map your customer journey past the “win” to future services and support
  • Join ERP and sales data to forecast resource requirements
  • Track activities and integrate project management tools
  • Use live custom dashboards to anticipate challenges.

Helping you take control

You can rely on E6 Solutions to analyze your processes and find a practical way to leverage the technology you have. Our goal is to streamline the activities and integrate the data. We add the right amount of automation to accelerate your performance.