Optimum Safety Management is now accelerating their growth with business process automation. E6 Solutions helped them holistically transform their business using the Creatio* low-code platform. They went from shared Excel spreadsheets to a unified system.

Putting it in Perspective

Sixteen years ago, safety expert and engineer Steve Yates founded Optimum Safety Management (OSM) to help manufacturing and construction companies. He has succeeded by developing safety leadership that helps companies protect people, production, and profits.

[photo of Steve Yates of Optimum Safety Management]

As OSM earned more and more assignments, they grew to several dozen employees traveling all over the country. The staff used a variety of different tracking systems for sales, projects, client service, and resource management. None of these applications were complete enough or customizable enough to be used by all the departments. Meanwhile, their unfriendly ERP system required 64 man-hours of re-organizing diverse datasets just to output the monthly plan.

Heading toward a unified system for business process management

Four years ago, Dennis Synal, founder of E6 Solutions, set up a customer relationship management system for OSM. As Dennis and Steve discussed the growing pressure to find a unified place to store the OSM company data, Dennis realized that the Creatio* platform could not only host the data but also provide a standard user experience for the company’s employees. Steve was won over by the prospect of his people being able to share their knowledge more efficiently.

[Photo of Dennis Synal of E6 Solutions]

E6 Solutions helped OSM specify their requirements, consolidate their data, and map out the processes to automate. Together, they converted the old system, which relied on emailing files and a home-grown Access database, into a fully integrated solution. Plans are in place to integrate QuickBooks accounting and to add inbound/outbound marketing features. As more process automation reports are added, the system will become more robust.

[image of a guy working on business process automation and management]

With Creatio business process management tools, E6 Solutions provided Optimum Safety Management the following resources to help them grow:

  • Unified database of contacts, customer, and company data
  • Large-scale automation of vital business processes
  • Complete mapping of the customer journey
  • Efficient order processing with invoice templates
  • Joining of ERP and sales data to forecast resource requirements
  • Integrated project management tools to improve performance and customer satisfaction
  • Activity tracking to accelerate productivity
  • Live custom dashboards and on-screen reports providing variable data analysis

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*formerly BPMonline

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