Searching for a way to supercharge your company’s performance? With business process modeling, you help your people find new ways to organize and document workflows. Graphic process models make business process management easier to communicate and manage. You can pursue a higher level of performance throughout the company.

Business process modeling graphic from Creatio
Example of business process modeling on the Creatio low-code platform

Ways a low-code platform energizes process automation:

  1. Showing a graphic and flexible depiction of the workflow
  2. Providing a friendly user interface. Non-technical people can see and sometimes do the business process modeling themselves
  3. Offering dashboards that report process performance and help companies improve
  4. Allowing more frequent updating of processes and their documentation.

With your business processes on a low-code platform, you are spreading process knowledge. More people understand the correct process. More people can suggest improvements. Companies reduce costs, improve sales and profits, and perform more reliably.

An organization is a collection of business processes for production, marketing, sales, service, and support functions. So any optimizations and improvements of the most critical processes will enhance the bottom line: cost savings, revenue generation, and compliance…. Intelligent BPM is much more than technology. At its core, it is a transformational management discipline that helps organizations achieve their strategic goals. Automation is a crucial component of iBPM solutions.

Venture Beat: How low-code platforms can aid intelligent business process management, 2021-Apr-25 by Dr. Setrag Khoshafian