CRM success steps will help you think ahead. You can anticipate what your team will need to excel at customer relationship management. If you’re having a rough time, you may enjoy reading a few CRM crisis stories! You’re not alone. These steps for a successful CRM launch will help you avoid frustration.

CRM Success Steps [photo of staircase]

After 30+ years of implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) at E6 Solutions, we have identified these 8 steps for successful CRM adoption. Each of these involves a different angle to consider when adding or changing a CRM system. We guarantee that if you consider each step… you’ll have a smoother transition to a better CRM system.


Selectively focus on the most important features for your business success. Also, be sure you have a few easy-to-understand features that could provide quick wins. If you can temporarily suppress some features and produce a cleaner user interface, do so. Each team member should quickly see what they can contribute, either adding data or using data to improve customer relations.


Configure the system to your current business processes. Produce your own guidebooks using familiar words and company standard terms. Consider producing short videos that demonstrate how common practices at your company will be performed in the new system.


Imported data ought to be clean. Right? If most of the available data is dirty, then a minimal amount should be imported. Then everyone should pitch in to update it. Most people would rather add good data than clean old data… but “you gotta do what you gotta do.” Do not add import contact records that have no recent activity.


Training is followed by using… no gap! Do not allow access to the old system, except maybe for reviewing old, dirty records for rescue. Quickly identify any laggards and reach out to get them involved. (Sorry, no better way out.)


Plan for the managers to participate… maybe they just log the time of their phone calls to clients. Everyone should be able to see that leaders are adding data to the system, too. If one of your top salespeople is seen avoiding the system, you have to address the problem quickly. CRM success steps can be undermined.

Step 6: GAMIFY.

Contests, point collection, and recognition are fun, if used in moderation. Use them to make sure everyone knows the features and opportunities. Example: “This data-enhancement game ends when everyone has at least five points and earns their ice cream. Feel free to ask the high-point earners for tips.” Games can also be used to collect feedback and encourage innovation.


Some people love learning new things. Some employees will be ecstatic that the new system helps them do their job faster and better. Let them shine. If they have the right temperament, let them be trainers. Maybe they can get a free lunch for them and their students if they run a “lunch and learn.”

Step 8: QUESTION YOUR “Doubting Thomases.”

No matter how hard you’ve worked on steps 1 through 7, a few people will still be griping about the new system. Fortunately for you, their doubts are usually just excuses to avoid change. However, your best approach is to question them carefully. Listen for whatever small “win” you can give them. Your goal is to get them to MOVE ON and take CRM success steps. Accept they hate change and try to be patient… until you’re sure they aren’t interested in success.

We hope you found powerful ideas that will provide CRM success in your company. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more guidance. We’ve seen it all!