Focusing on customer-centric growth isn’t enough. Your information system must distribute the best customer data to each employee. So, let’s look at an example.

Customer-centric growth depends on everyone having the same customer data [image]

Jane is an inspired leader. Her company prides itself on putting customers first. She also believes in empowering her employees. Each department has chosen the best technology for its function.

Unfortunately, now each department now has a different view of the customer. Jane has to negotiate their competing needs and plans. She has become the ‘glue’ in her company. But she’s also a bottleneck.

Company growth in slowing. Jane wonders how to get everyone on the same page. Maybe the same data should flow through every department? Where does the best customer data originate? How can she enable customer-centric growth?

Customer-Centric Growth requires Data Integration

The holistic ecosystem is a radically different way of looking at a company’s technology assets, and it is built with one overarching function—to better understand, serve and realize the value of your customers. It starts with redefining the purpose of the organization’s CRM. Instead of being limited to traditionally customer-centric functions, it becomes the foundation of every organizational function, going beyond marketing and sales to power finance, support, human resources, inventory control and every other business activity…. The resulting system… delivers total, end-to-end visibility, scalability and insight across the organization. [Emphasis added.]

LLR Partners: The Holistic Ecosystem, by Mike Zarzeka

Continuing with our example company, led by Jane:

When Jane began searching for a solution, she realized it wasn’t a technology problem. She decided to ignore all the applications. Instead, she planned to understand by analyzing the business processes in her company. So, she recruited a business analyst. With his help, they mapped the customer data flow as well as the business processes. They specifically focused on the process that enable customer-centric growth. And they kept an eye out for other processes that interfered with the growth.

After they understood the most profitable path to business growth, then Jane could turn her attention to technology. It was clear that the technology had to support the flow of the right customer data through each department. She could see a difficult journey ahead, but she knew the destination could be reached.

Help for Your Journey

At E6 Solutions, we find many companies experiencing the same problem. Their systems don’t integrate customer data and business processes. After much research, we have found the no-code platform from Creatio is the most efficient solution. The heart of the Creatio platform is managing customer data. Their applications empower employees. So, each individual department can map, manage, automate, and improve their processes with minimal technical support. We know how to wrap the Creatio application around other applications. Then we can establish holistic data integration. Every employee can enjoy a 360-degree view of the customer.

Today, the fastest growing companies recognize their CRM data as the company lifeblood. Surprisingly, most of them haven’t thrown out all of their legacy applications. But with our help and the Creatio platform, they can look forward to exponential growth.