Digital acceleration as described by Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture [frame from video]

Says Accenture CEO Julie Sweet, “You’re seeing digital acceleration because it is the lifeline of businesses and it’s a path to even greater success for the leaders and to survival for the laggards.” In this interview, she discusses how investments in strong digital foundations at scale have helped leading companies maintain business operations throughout the crisis.

The two truths are that, first of all, every business today is a technology business. We believe that was true before COVID. The debate is over. Technology became a lifeline for governments, companies, and society. And we see that being completely embraced across industry.

The second truth is that the exponential change in technology that was happening pre-COVID is only going to continue, and that places an enormous pressure on companies, both leaders and those who are lagging, to really think differently about how they run their business. Now the two facts which are quite interesting is that we’ve been doing a pulse survey since COVID began across 10 major markets all around the world with a c-suite. In July, 80 percent of the companies surveyed said they are going to significantly increase digital transformation, which was up from 50 percent in May

Interview recorded December 9, 2020

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