Everyone wants to escape sales funnels. These funnels don’t respect the challenges that we all experience every day. Your prospects don’t want information pushed on them based on somebody else’s goals.

And yet, we must have a measurable process for collecting prospects and converting them into customers. Funnels are easy to visualize and they do capture this truth: ‘more prospects lead to more customers.’ But funnels are wasteful and punishing. You can build a pipeline that offers more options.

escape sales funnels [photo]

Are… [companies like Netflix, Uber, and Dollar Shave Club] out there feeding funnels to get new customers?
No. They are [using] the conversation, and they’ve earned that position through momentum-building media efforts, and a network of delighted customers. That’s not to say they aren’t automating processes, but the automation is likely to be much further along the journey of engagement… [It’s} a method to make the customer experience lighter, not a method to churn and burn prospects up front.

Five-Minute Marketing: Escaping the Sales Funnel, 2018-Dec-15 by Mary Charleson

Escape Sales Funnels and Improve Productivity

Just a few steps will help you escape sales funnels. You can easily acquire a list of companies that could benefit from the products and services you provide. You can also attract prospects by offering valuable information that relates to the problems your company can help them solve. The best way to escape sales funnels is to build a pipeline that offers more opportunities. At E6 Solutions, we support our clients in developing an Ideal Customer Profile before automating their sales processes.

Automated sales processes are not a way to churn through prospects. Each person is placed in a pipeline with feedback loops and branches that help you guide them to satisfaction. The technology allows sales to identify what their prospect needs to succeed. Prospects also get to select their preferred channels of communication. When you are correctly using the sales pipeline, your prospect gets to explain their needs in their own way.

Escape sales funnels for the pipeline [photo]