To create faster campaign tracking in SharpSpring, you have to understand their tools.
SharpSpring says:

A campaign can represent an organic source, a group of sales activities, or specific marketing endeavor.

However, when you go to create a campaign in SharpSpring in you’ll be asked to select a Channel. The Campaign Tool in SharpSpring is designed to measure the performance within a marketing channel such as “social media,” “email,” or “direct mail.” If your marketing endeavor covers more than one channel, then you’ll actually build your tracking effort by creating a set of campaigns connected by a common Campaign Tag.

Faster campaign tracking [image of attracting leads]

How to Set Up Measurement for Fast Campaign Tracking in SharpSpring

For example, you may be attracting new leads and engagement with an event that has a promotional landing page and a registration page. Typically, this event may be promoted in email, direct mail, and social media. Most of us bundle all those activities and call them a ‘campaign.’ Even SharpSpring recognizes that way of doing things. But when you use the ‘Create Campaign’ tool in SharpSpring, you’ll have to create several campaigns, all tied together with a unique Campaign Tag.

  1. Someone visits a website, sees your event description, clicks to the registration page, and signs up. (an event campaign)
  2. Someone gets an email, clicks the direct link to the event registration page, then signs up. (an email campaign)
  3. Someone see the event in their Twitter stream, clicks on the link which takes them to the landing page (a social media campaign)
  4. Someone receives a postcard with the URL for the event, visits the landing page, then clicks through to the registration page (a direct mail campaign).

SharpSpring will help you differentiate the effectiveness of each of these channels in creating and qualifying leads. You can even modify your campaign leading up to the event. For example, you can use the existing campaign tracking structure if you’re sending a last-minute email invitation. You just have to make sure and include the right Campaign Tag.

Reporting and Campaign Insights

To find out how your campaigns are performing, visit Campaign Insights in SharpSpring. You’ll immediately get an immediate overview of the lead sources, and you can build custom reports to zoom in on specific Campaign Tags or channel-specific campaigns. You can also focus on either lead sources or opportunities.

Don’t forget to install the Campaign Tag on all the relevant pages, media, and forms! At E6 Solutions, we are happy users of SharpSpring and would love to introduce you to its benefits.