Antonio Neri and HPE future headquarters [images]

Antonio Neri worked for two years as a Customer Service Engineer at Hewlett Packard. Then he leapt into management, moving from Amsterdam to Boise, Idaho. He continued moving up the ranks. When Hewlett Packard split into two companies, he moved to headquarters. In three years he was CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

So what’s he got?

  1. A multicultural upbringing:
    He was born in Argentina to Italian immigrants. After earning an engineering degree, he moved to Europe. He’s fluent in four languages.
  2. A diverse set of interests and skills:
    He teaches art when he has the time. “If I did it all over again, I’d become an architect.”
  3. The ability to juggle competing goals:
    He’s equally committed to innovation, customer service, and diversity in the workforce.
  4. The drive to compete and evolve:
    He says, “The pace of technology innovation and business-mode innovation continues to move at lightning speed. So, for us, the biggest challenge is to accelerate, accelerate everything we do in our execution. This is where a sense of urgency matters, where focus really matters. For me, it’s a challenge but I also think it’s an opportunity for us. Those who can move faster will win. That’s why, in a marketing campaign, we said, The future belongs to the fast.”

Data will fuel the winners, according to Neri

In the end, we believe everybody is an IT company. We live in a digital economy. Data is the new currency. Those who can extract the insights from the data faster will be the winners. Every CEO has to have an agenda around that. Underneath you have to have a staff that drives this for you every single day. You need to make the right bets, the right investments, and then measure and hold people accountable on that return on investment. And ultimately transform the company. You have got to become a digital company to compete and win in today’s market. And the CEO needs to get it.

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