Here at E6 Solutions, knowing how digital marketing works is helping us build the value of our company. Not only do we generate leads and awareness, we do so while improving our business relationships.

Do you ever read an article and think “Oh! Oh, I agree… and…” That’s how I felt when I read Josh Kohlbach‘s recent story on Here are his best parts, plus insights we’ve gained from a career in marketing.

How digital marketing works in business relationships [image]

Target your market correctly and improve your understanding of them over time.

Knowing who to target makes it easier for you to focus on the exact needs of your audience. That way, you can work on making your product or service more efficient so that it can make your audience’s lives easier. It’s a great way to know what features to add so that the product or service becomes more useful to your target audience.

Another benefit of knowing your target audience is that it lets you come up with effective marketing strategies to capture more relevant leads for your business. This can be in terms of content creation, email marketing through email segmentation, or offers and giveaways. 

Over time, your market and your company will change. Only by knowing your customer intimately can you get ahead of those changes. Digital marketing is the best tool we’ve ever found to evolve E6 Solutions to better serve the changing needs of our customers.

Build a big inventory of blog posts.

The only traffic that will last is traffic you attract organically. Blogging makes it easier for you to gain consistent organic traffic for your website. You can do that by publishing fresh, high-quality and SEO-friendly content that helps people find a solution to their problems. 

By doing so, you can easily help your website gain a higher rank in search results, which will eventually attract more organic traffic to your website. Most organic traffic is targeted. 

Blog posts are chunks of content, or stories, that help people understand your business. Growing that group of stories is the first step in publicizing your business. If you spend money on advertising or leads, but have nothing meaningful to share, you wasting the time of your prospects.

Leverage social media by posting and interacting with your audience.

By being active on your social media accounts and engaging with your followers, you can raise awareness about your business. When you’re actively posting or engaging with your followers by liking their posts, replying to their comments, etc., your brand visibility increases too. When this happens, people start recognizing you more easily. This is a great way of building trust and credibility among your followers…

The best thing about social media is the speed at which you can reach out to thousands of people all at once. And then, you can expand your reach even further by using relevant hashtags on your posts. Not using it in your marketing strategies means missing out on all this and more.

At E6 Solutions, we’re just getting going with our social media, and we certainly aren’t reaching thousands with our posts yet. But we do believe that social media will be much more effective than buying advertisements. Social media isn’t just about awareness, it’s about connection.

Knowing how digital marketing works led us to invest in SharpSpring marketing automation. Their all-in-one platform makes it easy to co-ordinate all the moving parts of a digital marketing campaign.