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After deciding to integrate SharpSpring marketing automation for digital marketing, Dennis Synal recruited Theresa Quintanilla (me). My job is to translate E6 expertise into words. E6 Solutions now has a blog, a monthly newsletter, and social media accounts (LinkedIn and Twitter).

I had long heard wonderful things about SharpSpring, but never had a chance to use it. Now Dennis and I have deep experience setting up and using SharpSpring. So we’re sharing our setup experience to help other companies know what to expect

[image of Dennis Synal and Theresa Quintanilla on Zoom call]

Setting up SharpSpring is not hard, but it is complicated. The platform is very rich in features. The SharpSpring on-boarding staff will encourage you to learn them all. However, we found the best way to get quick benefits from day one. We’re going to show you a shortcut to success.

How to get going faster with SharpSpring

Step 1: Decide which of the many SharpSpring digital marketing features will bring the most immediate benefit to your business. Some of these features demand more setup work than others. Some of them will overlap with your current systems. Focus first on the critical gaps in your current business processes.

SharpSpring digital marketing features
-email marketing, 
-analytics and testing, 
-landing pages and blogs
-social media management, 
-customer relationship management, 
-sales automation, 
-sales dialer, 

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