At E6 Solutions, we “eat our own dog food.” (That means we actually use the products we recommend.) We are very excited about all our new marketing capabilities since we adopted SharpSpring market automation. Because the installation is still fresh in our minds, we’d like to share our experience. If you follow these ten steps with us, you’ll gain insight into our processes as well as SharpSpring’s benefits.

Prioritize the many features of SharpSpring

SharpSpring provides so much more than just email drip campaigns. Once it’s installed, their onboarding staff will introduce you to about a dozen major processes within the platform. At E6 Solutions, we found this “tasting menu” approach distracting. We already knew which features we needed to be added to our processes. It was difficult to get SharpSpring trainers to share our focus.

Before going through SharpSpring onboarding, you should review the available features. Rank them based on which will bring the most immediate benefit to your company. Some of these features require more setup than others. Some of them will overlap with your current systems. Focus first on the critical gaps in your current systems.

SharpSpring features include Email Marketing, Landing Pages & Blogs, Forms, Social Scheduling and Tracking, Chatbots, CRM, Sales Automoation, Sales Dialer, Meetings Tool, Analytics and Testing tools, Retargeting Ads
SHARPSPRING Features: a partial list

If you don’t currently use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, you’ll find the SharpSpring product rich in features and easy to use. If you have already invested considerable time and money in a CRM such as Goldmine, you may prefer to link the other SharpSpring features to your existing CRM database. At E6 Solutions we are integrating our sales pipeline between SharpSpring and Creatio Sales. The process is complicated but the results are very efficient.

Stay tuned for Step 2, next week: “the feature you should probably install first.”