If you are tasked with investigating new technology to aid your team and company, it’s fun to learn about all the coolest new tools. Yes, we want to capture that competitive edge. However, our companies can’t grow unless those tools match our needs.

How to investigate new technology needs

The investigation begins with interviewing your managers and software users. Then, we need to evaluate your current systems and processes, as well as your customer relationships. Often, companies fail to fully investigate how new technology will impact their customers. This step includes policies and processes, front-of-house customer service, employee training, sales, marketing, systems, and information management.

At E6 Solutions, we take a holistic approach. So we start by considering your organization’s philosophy in dealing with customers. We strive to have a deep understanding of how your business operates. When investigating new technology needs, the needs come before the technology.

How to avoid rabbit holes

Image of team investigating new technology needs

Any investigation can get twisted up in extended analysis, following up on every manager’s suggestion, trying to forecast the implications of change, etc. Karolis Urbonas, Global Head of Machine Learning & Science at Amazon Web Services, has warned his staff to focus on the decision which has to be made. Which tool? Integrate or replace? How much training? Results timeline? Every new hour of research needs to be linked to a significantly better or faster decision.

Every part of the investigation should contribute to making the best decision, efficiently. At E6 Solutions our 30 years of experience will help your investigation go smoothly. And you’ll end up with a solution that benefits your organization holistically.