On March 1, Neil Degrasse Tyson introduced his new book, Cosmic Queries. It’s dedicated to all of us who are curious, restless, and in search of our place in the universe. Recently, he answered the audience question: Why does the moon have more craters than earth? His answer: “We’re getting hit just as often as the moon, except we have an atmosphere to protect us.” See the whole interview

So what can protect your business revenue from cratering? You could get an intelligent sales pipeline. Such a pipeline is enabled by a holistic approach including marketing automation, lead management, and customer relationship maintenance.

At E6 Solutions, we specialize in Business Process Management (BPM) solutions. We have over 30 years of experience in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Our goal is to give companies a 360⁰ view of their operations and customers. It’s very much a protective atmosphere for your business. 

Neil Degrasse Tyson [image]