At E6 Solutions, we help business owners collect the data they need to grow their business exponentially, And we know the best decision makers don’t spend their time rooting through the data for directions. Instead, they review the data and create a mental model of how to succeed. Most importantly, they don’t jump to the conclusion their model is correct. Instead, they set up experiments, taking small actions, and watching the results for feedback. (Want to dive deeper into decision science? Start with this Wikipedia article.) See how E6 Solutions can help you on your business journey.

Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph

The best thinkers, says Randolph, use data to inform their intuition, to explore and then validate their assumptions. “You are trying to create a culture of data-driven decision-making. What you want is less ‘I think…’ and more ‘The data shows…’.”

Entrepreneur, Netflix Co-Founder Marc Randolph on Gut Instinct vs. Data-Driven Decisions, November 17, 2020