At E6 Solutions, our mission is to help companies become world-class performers. Often, we observe companies struggling to upgrade their marketing and sales operations. Unfortunately, new technology doesn’t usually fix things. Each business has different challenges based on its history and resources. Installing new tools will not, by itself, change your employees’ behavior. So we provide a “Sales Enablement Maturity Model.” With this tool, our clients assess their sales processes and plan improvements.

Why Use the Sales Enablement Maturity Model

Remember, your competition may be pulling ahead of you in its capabilities. Using a maturity model helps you keep up with ever-evolving industry standards. Eventually, your company can become a leader in building new capabilities.

For an organization that undertakes the initiative of developing and using a maturity model, the work does not end once the assessment is complete. Although it is true that an organization may have had a goal of achieving a particular level on the chosen model, and that may give cause for celebration. But to see that as the end would be to miss out on some of the opportunity. Here, the use of a maturity model should not be seen as a project, as much as a program. At this time, the organization can begin to embrace an ongoing process of assessments, analysis, improvement plans, assessments, analysis, improvement plans, etc.

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How the E6 Solutions Model is Structured

Obviously, each company has its own journey. The more employees a company has, the more complex this journey becomes. Throughout the company, different departments can be at different stages. Below are the functional categories that enable a high-performing selling system:

  • Sales Methodology
  • Contact and Pipeline Management
  • Quote/Contract Management
  • Won/Lost Analysis
  • Order and Project Execution
  • Competency Development
  • Coaching Culture

Using our model, you can organize your journey by department or by function. For example, an annual plan may include the upgrades depicted in the following chart with arrows. Now you know how E6 Solutions can help you on the path to higher sales productivity.