As a business leader, you have to guide your team to success. So you need a technology advisor who understands that success is a journey. After 30 years, we have experienced this journey so many times, we now see it as a cycle of stages.

Image of man considering his journey. At E6 Solutions, we are technology advisors for your business journey.

As your business evolves, technology is evolving along its own path. So to make sure you have the best tools to meet the challenges you’re facing, we recommend you break down your path as follows.

Identifying the Stages of Your Journey

  1. Embarking – When it becomes clear you need new tools, you must embrace the journey. You may be falling behind the competition, or you may have reached a choke point with your current system. It’s time to begin a new cycle.
  2. Investigating – Next, find a technology that will assist your team and company in becoming more efficient and productive.
  3. Deploying – After selecting a technology, you have to make a plan that will move your company forward.
  4. Utilizing – As your team learns to use the software, you will see your abilities and knowledgebase growing.
  5. Assessing – Now you can observe the results and begin to measure the return on investment
  6. Evaluating – At this point, you can get technical and compare your reports to the KPI (key performance indicator) goals.
  7. Challenged – Eventually, everyone has to re-evaluate the KPI’s so they can uncover new and unexpected ways to leverage new technology.
  8. Evolving – Now the whole company is changing. Efficiencies are leveraged. The next steps are becoming clear. So exponential growth is in sight.

The Technology Advisor You Need

E6 Solutions is the right technology advisor to guide you along this path. Plus, we have all the qualities you seek in a partner.

  • Commitment to delivering results on time, working as a team with your people, and communicating effectively.
  • Integrity to act with honesty, never compromising the truth when dealing with employees or customers.
  • Excellence to demand the best from ourselves, to expect we’ll eliminate obstacles, and to celebrate our success with you, our partner.

With E6 Solutions as your technology advisor, you will also get

  • Innovation based on our creating new solutions that can change the game.
  • Stewardship to mentor our teammates, demonstrate our values and be servant leaders.
  • Social responsibility to embrace the diverse talents in our community and to support the less fortunate.

In order to get more specific advice about leveraging technology, let us know where you find yourself on this journey. Visit our Services page and complete the form to select your stage.* We look forward to learning with you.

*When completing the “Anything Else?” section of the form, you can specify how you’d like to be contacted. Say “just email the rest of the story” if you’d rather NOT be contacted by one of our easy-going sales people.