You’re running a valuable business and committed to its growth. Leveraging the right technology and advisor will help your business grow exponentially. Here are the stages of your journey.

1. Embarking

You are new to automation, or you are re-evaluating the available tools. Depending on the challenges you face, you may need a solution for

2. Investigating

You are tasked with finding a technology that will assist your team and company to become more efficient and productive. A technology advisor like E6 Solutions helps you navigate the huge variety of products available. Your advisor will analyze your organization, its target audience, and the limitations of the available tools to help you find the right technical leverage your company needs to grow.

3. Deploying

You have selected a technology, and now you are moving forward to impact your company. The system is not merely installed, it is adapted and tuned to your processes. The learning curve can be seriously lowered by working with an experienced advisor such as E6 Solutions.

4. Utilizing

Your team is using the software and the database is growing. At the stage of the journey, the growing database ought to be monitored, and reports should be run immediately to make sure the system can produce meaningful Key Performance Indicators. Remember, useless reports can be produced by bad report configuration, poor data, or both.

5. Assessing

You can see results and begin to measure your return on investment. At this point, many companies start to coast. In order to achieve exponential growth, your company will need to more deeply integrate its healthy systems. Start looking for gaps.

6. Evaluating

You are comparing reports to your KPI (key performance indicator) goals. Once your automations are running smoothly, you will can develop and tune your entire operation with confidence.

7. Challenged

You are reevaluating your KPI’s and uncovering new ways to leverage your technology. As your organization grows, the demands on your computer systems increase. Accustomed to a meaningful flow of performance data, your team will identify new ways the system could accelerate performance.

8. Evolving

You are now changing as a team and company. Efficiencies are identified. Next steps are becoming clear. Exponential growth is in sight. Your organization expects and manages change.