Magicians never reveal their secrets but we’ll tell you ours! Marketing automation success brings you magic powers. When you adopt a marketing automation platform with E6 Solutions, you’ll be bolstered by our 30 years of experience. Since we’ve helped many companies automate their processes, we will anticipate the integration and data management challenges. We look at your business holistically to transform it from the inside out, so you can grow exponentially.

Embrace your inner marketing wizard and…

  • Identify anonymous site visitors
  • Trigger personalized communication based on behavior
  • Discover hot leads scored by their actions
  • Track end-to-end ROI to optimize your entire marketing funnel.

Click the hat to experience in our magic trick.

Marketing automation success with a product like SharpSpring can address these challenges for you:

  • Nurturing leads with automated drip emails and autoresponders
  • Identifying site visitors and reporting their activity
  • Scheduling social media posts to generate more leads
  • Merging all your data about customers and prospects into a 360-degree view
  • Analyzing marketing efforts to find your most effective tactics
  • Improving user experience with dynamic landing pages and personalized emails
  • Speeding up marketing with chatbots, call management and retargeting
  • Empowering salespeople with customized lead scoring and content to share.