Tom Brady showed us the best way to win is work as much on the team as on the sport.

Over at Inc. magazine, Bill Murphy Jr. points out that the victory of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had much to do with Tom Brady’s commitment to recruiting great team members as it did to his playing skills.

Tom Brady showed us it's the team that wins

It’s something you have to pay attention to, no matter what your business is. And it’s one of the key points behind my e-book Tom Brady Always Wins (10 Successful Rules From the GOAT), which you can download for free.

The question wasn’t just about whether Brady or his former coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots was more important when they were on the same team. It wasn’t even about whether Brady is truly the greatest football player of all time. (He put that question to rest, though.)

Instead, it was this: Can you recruit and develop the highest-quality teammates, who will perform at the top level, elevate your game, and help you achieve your goals?

Inc.: Tom Brady Just Won the Super Bowl, and Answered the 1 Leadership Question Nobody Thought to Ask, 2021-Feb-8 by Bill Murphy Jr.

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