Unifying data for growth presentation [image of first slide]

Here’s how “unifying data for growth” helped Optimum Safety Management (OSM) scale their business exponentially. It started when OSM President Steve Yates asked E6 Solutions to help them find a new CRM platform.

Watch the video from the Creatio Low-code Marathon held in June 2021.

Steve Yates founded Optimum Safety Management to provide safety management solutions for manufacturing companies. Eventually he realized he could scale the business by forming partnerships with large trade associations. Unfortunately, the team couldn’t keep up with the leads which came flooding in. He turned to Dennis Synal for a better CRM (customer relationship management) solution.

Right People, Right Tool

According to Steve Yates, the most important key to success was finding the right partner. Steve says, “we found a partner who is willing to WALK WITH US through the discovery phase.” Dennis Synal, founder of E6 Solutions, insisted that all existing processes be documented. Then they performed a gap analysis which indicated their problem went way past CRM (customer relationship management). OSM needed a tool that could help transform closed sales opportunities into projects which could be monitored. The next step was to plan all the future processes which would help scale the business. These processes were then automated using the Creatio BPM platform.

Training the staff was the final crucial step in scaling up the growth engine at Optimum Safety Management. The Creatio platform provides a graphical interface which depicts the business processes without any mysterious code. Flow charts allow both administrators and managers to review the current process. From there, a department administrator may trigger a revision on their own… such as revising a review process from 3 to 5 days. If the change is more complex, they may request support from the information technology department.

As Dennis Synal points out, Creatio is user friendly and flexible, but even more importantly, it melds low-code with custom code. When users see a simple change they can implement with low-code tools, they can do it. When the department needs a complex change to support a new way of helping customers, they can ask the IT department for customization. Erik Hale, the Creatio Global Head of Sales Enablement, notes, “we are bridging the gap between low-code and traditional development.”

Right Speed to Implementation

Dennis Synal approached the OSM challenge as a consulting project. He had no preconception that he’d end up building a technology solution. He just wanted Steve Yates and his company to succeed.

Dennis quickly realized they needed to be unifying their data for growth. OSM was using under-developed, spreadsheet-based systems which easily became disconnected. So he put them on a journey.

Says Dennis, “I knew they needed a way to share information efficiently. Everyone in that company has to understand what each customer faces. But even more importantly, the company has to align customer requirements with the correct OSM company resources.” The key was to unify the staff by unifying the data. Not only was less training required, but suddenly every employee was on the same page, at least as far as customer needs were concerned!

In the end, OSM has ended up a surprisingly sophisticated view of their processes and resources. It’s this integrated view of what they can do and what they need to do… which has helped them grow exponentially.

Steve Yates says, “E6 has been an invaluable partner, allowing us to meet the demand from our channel partners. Plus, they have a “speed to implementation” that’s just amazing.”

Dennis Synal says, “Creatio allows us to unify data and provide it to the company in a way that helps them see the possibilities. We give our customers a broad visibility into the possibilities, seeing their ideal customer profile. They can’t help but reap the benefits.”