[image of visitor being identified #Visitor Identification]

For Step Two in the faster adoption of SharpSpring marketing automation, at E6 Solutions we recommend our customers begin by focusing on the visitor identification tool, Visitor ID. To get Visitor ID working, you’ll have to place SharpSpring tracking codes on all the sites and pages that serve your customers and marketing efforts. Then you can quickly see the benefits of Visitor ID, even without generating any new campaigns or importing your contacts. While it is true that Visitor ID is better with existing contacts and campaigns, you don’t have to wait on them to enjoy some fresh insights.

Visitor Identification of VIP’s

Most companies know that Google Analytics will measure their web site traffic. In contrast, SharpSpring focuses on turning traffic into people. It gives your sales and marketing staff more actionable data about visitors. If you’ve added contacts to ShaprSpring, the visitors can be matched to your existing contacts. Even more exciting, previously unknown visitors can be identified.

[Graphic of SharpSpring Visitor ID report: Website visitors reported with time and pages visited]
Website visitors reported with time and pages visited

Using reverse IP lookup for business accounts, SharpSpring matches your visitors to existing accounts as much as possible. Even without a matching contact record, SharpSpring can often identify the business name, location and industry.

When you identify your most important web pages to SharpSpring, it can tell you if a visitor lingered on those pages. If you tell SharpSpring which industries and job functions best qualify as your prospects, those visitors will be given priority.

Set Up Notifications

Visit the Tracking area of SharpSpring Settings to select which users will receive Visitor ID notifications on a daily or weekly basis. At E6 Solutions, we found the daily reports created excitement and anticipation for adding our contacts to SharpSpring.

[Image of SharpSpring notification of Visitor Identification for website]

Next Week: Step 3 is “Beware of Divergent Data Sets.”

You should think twice, three times about HOW to import your contacts into SharpSpring. Obviously, you want to see the Visitor ID notice when your contacts are visiting. However, you don’t want to abandon all their history in your previous contact management, CRM, or email platform. How do you decide how much data needs to be imported with your contacts? We’ll be talking about that next week.