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As COVID-19 took hold of our economy, E6 Solutions founder Dennis Synal faced a reckoning. His best method of acquiring customers was unavailable. He couldn’t meet anyone for coffee, attend networking events, or host a booth. Then he looked at his simple, elegant web site and realized it was going to have to start pulling more weight. Integrating marketing automation tools looked like the key.

Since 1995, Dennis Synal has been helping companies leverage technology to grow their business. He began helping them use email marketing with the Goldmine platform in 1998. His goal has always been to help customers break down the silos between marketing and sales. So he has carried out many projects to integrate sales-based CRM solutions with his client’s other systems.

25 years of success with customer relationship management showed Dennis what E6 Solutions needed. We needed a way to start building relationships from the first web site visit. Attracting visitors to the site became a new focus. Even more important, we needed a way to integrate data from visits, email clicks, and client records. Thousands of contacts would have to be imported into a system where they could get our latest news.

[image of E6 Solutions newsletter on SharpSpring marketing automation platform]

Selecting SharpSpring

Dennis started integrating marketing automation from SharpSpring because the platform

  • has robust integration capabilities
  • is easy to use
  • provides complete digital marketing support, and
  • offers the best value in the marketplace.

Contact us if you would like to discuss how SharpSpring can be integrated into your business systems.