If you’d like to know Why Low Code?… at Creatio they’re having a “Low-Code Marathon” in early June. One of over 50 speakers is John Bratincevic, Senior Analyst with Forrester.

Creatio Low-Code Marathon features Forrester's Senior Analyst John Bratincevic

After Bratincevic himself used low-code platforms to deliver achievements in over 20 industries, he now covers the practice at Forrester. According to John, “If your business is digital, then software is an expression of the business. Thus, a truly digital business quickly implements and continuously improves all its policies, processes, and procedures, in software.”

John Bratincevic’s view of the advantages

  1. Quicker results when customizing and adding capabilities, so you can deliver business software fast and evolve it quickly.
  2. Quicker adaptability when outside circumstances change, so you can engage the whole business in your software strategy.
  3. More and cheaper add-ons available, so you get more value from systems you already have.

A recent result that one company experienced:
“Digitized and automated processes proved more resilient in the COVID-19 crisis than manual, paper, and Excel-based processes. ”

How low-code technology from Creatio helps businesses like yours

By becoming citizen developers, people start owning the automated processes, understanding them, and seeing what’s possible. Low-code platforms institutionalize these activities so that your company’s processes remain in place and updateable, even if employees leave.

About the Creatio event

  • While embracing the “everyone a developer” concept, Creatio has gathered thought leaders and leading experts to showcase how to successfully adapt businesses, from any industry, to continuously changing circumstances.
  • Session hosts will also demonstrate use cases, while customers will discuss their real-life experiences that highlight the full potential of this technology. Explore why low- or no-code should be your #1 choice to accelerate business success, and more!
  • Join this 10-day marathon to discover in just 2 hours a day why low-code is meant for you and why the future of this technology is now.

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