According to Creatio’s recent report, “Reinventing Customer Experience,” the expectations of your customers are evolving, perhaps faster than your customer relationship management system. Download the report today, or look below for our summary of the key points.

Creatio report about evolving customer relationships

Research findings about customer relationships include:

  • 80% of consumers claim more digital interactions with brands
  • 67% of customers still want to speak directly with a person at some stage of their experience with a brand
  • 50% of customers look forward to seeing more seamless and integrated digital experiences
  • 60% of business leaders are interested in investing in data integration, data integrity, or data enrichment technologies
  • 46% of business leaders consider investing in integrated multichannel CX platforms in the coming months
  • 30% of business leaders identified technology limitations as a major challenge to providing their customers with exceptional experiences.

According the Creatio, 2021 improvements in customer experience “will be about maintaining rapport with customers above all else.”

At E6 Solutions, our specialty is integrating better tools for managing customers with your existing systems and data. Where are you on your journey to better customer relationships?